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iiSEARCHES, the premier web-based service from Pageant Media Ltd., delivers institutional plan sponsor, consultant and investment manager sales leads to your desktop daily, along with news and access to mandate data, institutional profiles and contact information for in-depth marketing analysis. It is the most effective way to generate business opportunities and research potential, new and completed pension and nonprofit fund sponsor mandate activity from around the world.

The robust database contains thousands of fund sponsor profiles including key contacts, related consulting firms, RFPs, recent news and other key data- all integrated and easily accessible to help you win business.

iiSEARCHES is run by a tightly-integrated well-trained team of editors and reporters at Pageant Media Ltd. Leveraging original data content, fund reports and analytical content across the asset management industry, iiSEARCHES is powered by in-depth, thoughtful plan sponsor information delivered in a succinct and relevant manner. As a result, iiSEARCHES delivers the most comprehensive coverage of plan sponsor and mandate news in its peer group.

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